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porky (comparative porkier, superlative porkiest)
  1. Rather fat.



rather fat


porky (plural porkies)
  1. (Cockney rhyming slang; shortened from pork pie) A lie.

Extensive Definition

Porky may refer to:
  • Porky, the toddler character played by Eugene Lee in the 1930s comedy Our Gang (The Little Rascals)
  • Porky (novel), a 1983 novel by Deborah Moggach
  • Porky Pig, a character from Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes
  • Porky's, a 1982 Canadian film
    • Porky, the title character of Porky's and its sequel Porky's Revenge, played by actor Chuck Mitchell
  • Craig "Porky" Chedwick, a Pittsburgh radio disk jockey of the 1950s and 60s
  • Porky Minch, Ness' portly, cowardly next-door neighbor in the Super Nintendo video game EarthBound (Mother 2)
  • David Brennand, also known as "Porky", UK musician and DJ; founder of Pork Recordings
  • George Peckham, the British record engineer better known under the pseudonym "Porky"
  • Silvester "Porky" Broadway, a character from the 1950s TV series Lassie
Porky may also be slang for:
  • A derogatory nickname applied to obese people
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